3 Generations of the musical CHAPIN FAMILY pay tribute to the beloved Harry Chapin in A Celebration In Song

 Tom Chapin, Steve Chapin, The Chapin Sisters, John Wallace and, Howie Fields

Harry Chapin (1942 – 1981) was one of our most passionate, political, prolific and inspiring songwriters. Author and singer of classic songs like “Taxi,”  “Mr. Tanner,” “Mail Order Annie” and “W•O•L•D.”  A devastating auto accident in 1981 cut Harry’s life short, yet he left behind a body of work that his fans continue to treasure decades after his death. He is also remembered as a great humanitarian: public advo- cate and educator, fund-raiser, musician, writer, filmmaker, Harry believed in believing.  Because of his extraordinary contributions, Harry Chapin was posthumously awarded the Special Congressional Gold Medal in 1987.

Twenty-five years after his death, a few friends, two of whom happen to be his brothers, thought it might be fun to get together, sing some songs, and show you that the legend is a family thing! This CD, record- ed live at the IMAC Theatre in Huntington, LI, commemorates an evening full of story, humor and tran- scendent music, performed by those who knew and loved him best.

Harry Chapin: A Celebration In Song features performances by The Chapin Family, including…

TOM CHAPIN, 3 time Grammy award winning singer/songwriter who’s been called… “…one of the great personalities in contemporary folk music”  by The New York Times, and “…the best family artist around”  by Billboard Magazine

STEVE  CHAPIN, singer/songwriter and Clio award winner and the multitalented producer, director, pianist, and vocalist who arranged and led Harry’s Band.

JEN CHAPIN, Harry’s daughter, is a New York-based singer-songwriter, “…a remarkable presence onstage.” Her recordings have earned the highest praise from sources as diverse as National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, People, The Today Show, and Entertainment Weekly.  The Boston Globe called her simply: “addictive.”

JIM CHAPIN, father of the Chapin Brothers, jazz drummer and teacher who performed and toured with the Big Bands of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s and authored one of the top drumming books of all time.
At the age of 87, Jim still travels around the world presenting his legendary drum seminars.

THE CHAPIN  SISTERS: ABIGAIL CHAPIN, LILY CHAPIN  and JESSICA CRAVEN, Tom’s daughters have been singing together informally their whole lives, but professionally for just two years. Yet their unique blend of traditional folk harmonies and indie rock moodiness (think Crosby Stills and Nash meets Cat Power) has been winning them an increasing number of fans.

BIG JOHN WALLACE, Harry’s longtime bassman and sidekick: the high voice in “Taxi” and the low voice in “Mr. Tanner.” John and the Chapins have been making music together since their choir-boy days in 1955.  Big John is a cult figure to all serious Harry Chapin fans.

HOWARD FIELDS, Harry’s first and only drummer, played on Broadway in Harry’s “The Night That Made America Famous.”  He has written more than 20 drum transcription books, and published “The Drum Teacher,” a teaching aid for beginning drummers.

STEPHAN CRUMP, jazz acoustic bass whiz and JAMIE  FOX, a major talent on guitar, JON  COBERT, extraordinary keyboardist and singer, composer of the “Baseball Tonight” theme on ESPN, and MICHAEL MARK, Tom’s longtime bassman and vocalist, the composer of TV’s “Entertainment Tonight” theme.