Dear Kate Wolf Music Festival Community:

We are getting closer to gathering for our long awaited 25th anniversary celebration so here is an update regarding pertinent information for this year’s festival:

Kate Wolf Music Festival COVID policy for 2022

The festival, through consultation with our medical team, the CDC guidelines, and local health authorities considers “Fully Vaccinated” to be defined as one of the following:

  1. Complete original two shot doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or one Johnson & Johnson dose, plus one or more booster doses.
  2. Complete original two shot doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or one Johnson & Johnson dose, with the final dose administered after January 26, 2022, but not later than June 9, 2022.
General Admission (Front Gate entry):

In order to gain entry to the festival everyone five years and older must show proof of being fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated for everyone 12 and older requires a booster shot being given no later than June 9, 2022, or the final original shot being given after January 26, 2022, but not later than June 9, 2022. For those 5-11 years old no booster is required. For people who are not fully vaccinated a negative test result from either a PCR test (within 72 hours of arrival to the festival grounds) or an Antigen rapid test (within 24 hours of arrival) that is proctored (supervised) with a digital result is required.

Examples of this kind of rapid test include:


This year, with the longtime shower house not available for use, we have made arrangements for an outside shower vendor to come in and set up right near the normal shower house structure. The hours of operation will be from 7 am to 9 pm Thursday thru Sunday of the festival weekend. Showers will be charged at $5 per for a requested average of 5 minutes (there is no timer on the water). Complimentary Dr. Bronner’s soap will be provided.

Wifi availability this year for the public

Our team has finally been able to figure out providing some availability to the public for some wifi access while at the festival. Access for the public will be provided through a voucher system and can be purchased either at the bar (back of the main music meadow) or at the Artists’ Mercantile booth (audience right, closer to the Main Stage). Each voucher will cost $10 and will supply either 20 minutes of usage time or 2 GB of usage (whichever comes first). On average this will allow one more than ample availability to check emails, post a picture on Instagram or Facebook and maybe make a call or two if you fire up “enable wifi calling”.

Access points for obtaining wifi coverage will primarily be around the beer garden, food court and Revival Tent area for the public. Depending on overall usage of the wifi system the daytimes may prove to be less spotty than the night times.

Vouchers will only be good for the one phone that is making the purchase and will not be able to be shared or passed along to other devices.

Selling back unwanted festival tickets thru Lyte

After the festival sold out in late February we made arrangements with the organization Lyte to act as the go between for those ticket holders that  are no longer able to use their tickets and can’t attend and the ever growing list of folks that  didn’t purchase tickets prior to the sell out and are still seeking to obtain tickets to this year’s festival. If you are a ticket holder that can no longer use your ticket and are seeking to sell it, or you know of someone looking to purchase tickets, please go to the following link for Lyte’s information:

We have been made aware of a great deal of attempted fraudulent cases regarding the offering of so-called valid, tickets for resale by private parties.  People interested in purchasing such tickets can, and have, written to to ask us to verify if the names and tickets that are being offered are in fact legitimate tickets. We have found that almost every single one of the inquiries that have come our way requesting a check that these names and tickets are in fact bogus and attempts at fraudulently obtaining money from those folks trying to purchase a ticket to the festival.

This year’s Festival beer cups

This year’s festival beer cup will have two different versions this year to choose from, along with a new tie-dye look to it:

Thank You For Your Years Of Support And A Very Fond Farewell

We’re all looking forward to seeing each other again next month at our 25th Annual Celebration – Farewell Festival to spend another glorious weekend of music, friendship and joy, and we’d like to say a big thanks to you all for all of your years of support for our festival, community, and the live music experience.

All the best,
Kate Wolf Music Festival