Forestville singer Cori Wood and multi-instrumentalist Layne Bowen.

Cori has sung and recorded with the Rhythm Rangers, Kevin Russell and his So-Called Friends and many others.

Layne has a long history playing in bluegrass, Americana and blues bands. He was a founding member and mandolin player of Modern Hicks, and played and recorded with Under the Radar. In recent years, Layne has played electric lead guitar in blues band The Interpretations and currently plays in original Americana band MCB.

Together, Cori and Layne explore rural roots music from the “hollers” of Appalachia to the plains of the west, with a special fascination with songs with dark themes.

What a versatile musician! Not only is Chris at home on the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, or the mandolin ……. Just pick a genre! Rarely do you see a musician that can play in so many styles of music and do it well. Growing up in the foothills of the Blue-ridge Mountains, Chris started playing bluegrass in his teens and soon grew an affinity for acoustic jazz. He later picked up the electric guitar and delved into the blues and rock world. His playing in bands from Rock to Jazz and Bluegrass to Country, has led to very well rounded performer. These influences are readily apparent during any show as well as his innovative and improvisational skills. Whether performing as an acoustic duo or full blown band production, he will bring the emotion!

Chris is a great instrumentalist, but he’s a heck of a singer, as well. Chris and Cori have been binge singing together for the past 9 years…sing for a week straight, don’t see each other for 5 years, sing for a week straight…you get the idea. They love singing together, and have an affinity for the same types of music, but Forestville, California and Boonville, North Carolina aren’t exactly next door to each other! On their last California run, they were able to record a little at Studio E in Sebastopol, and Chris joined Layne and Cori for a 3 Acre Holler show at the Sonoma County Fair. Call it Fate, Destiny, Divine Providence…Layne and Cori had found what they’d been lookin’ for! They are thrilled that Chris is able to join them at the festival this year and excited to get the opportunity to play as a trio again.


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