Achilles Wheel, based in the foothills of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada, is a high energy fusion of World and American music played on numerous stringed instruments and a whole truck load of drums. Achilles Wheel can perform either acoustic or electric sets of any length. Featuring the singing/songwriting and guitar playing of Paul Kamm and Jonny Mojo, this up and coming group came together in the wake of other projects including The DeadBeats, Buck Love and The HumperHeads, The Jonny Mojo Trio, D’arcana, Collage of I, Euthanasia, and Dead Ahead. Members of Achilles Wheel have headlined The Oregon Country Fair, The Trinity Tribal Stomp, The Marin Summer Music Festival, and performed at other festivals including The High Sierra Music Festival, The Kate Wolf Festival and many others. The rhythm section of the band is Gary Campus and Mark McCartney on drums and Shelby Snow on bass. Original songs are the focus of this new group, but they love the old songs too and will use whatever tools are at hand to get a good jam going. Jonny’s guitar playing is as expressive and fresh as anything you’ll hear, and tells stories within the stories of the songs themselves, really lifting you up. This is beautifully supported with a powerful rhythm section that leans heavily into the hypnotic polyrhythmic elements of world music. Their new CD, Achilles Wheel, Thirteen Hours, recorded at the historic Nevada Theater in Nevada City California, is now available.


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