The Feztones are a Rock and Roll Band, bonded by a deep musical kinship dating back to the 1960’s.
Having spent their “Formative Years” in The Peoples Republic of Berkeley, they have been performing together in one fashion or other for over 40 years.

They deliver songs that you forgot you loved.

The Feztones draw their inspiration from that Big River of Rock and Roll, and all the tributaries that flow in to it.

British Invasion, Rhythm & Blues, Glam, Soul, Psychedelia, Country and Western, Funk, Rockabilly, Punk, Old Time, Jazz, Folk, Opera (OK, maybe NOT Opera… OK for sure, not Opera).

The Feztones play music for the PURE JOY OF IT.
The Feztones wear FUNNY CLOTHES.
The Feztones are NOT BORING.
The Feztones are FUN to watch.
The Feztones will make you want to DANCE!!

The Feztones do it with their FEZ ON.