David Hayes (Van Morrison, Jesse Colin Young) and Gene Parsons (of the Byrds) are both career singer-songwriter-instrumentalists. They are, individually, veterans of the bands listed above, and each has released several solo albums. Additionally, they have also both been in demand for stage performances and studio sessions, working with Arlo Guthrie, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Peter Rowan and the Rowan Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Ralph Stanley, Vassar Clements, Iain Matthews and many others.

Gene and David were each already a veteran of hundreds of recordings and thousands of stage appearances before they bumped into each other in the early 1990’s near their homes in Mendocino on California’s rugged North Coast. Seemed only natural that they would get together and play. They did.

On a break from touring with Van Morrison, David invited Gene to play a local benefit with him and some other friends from the Mendocino music community. While practicing, a special musical connection was made and a duo was born. Their work together was, of necessity, only occasional until both had retired from their demanding session and international touring schedules. In 2006, the pair began gigging regularly.

It’s been over 10 years for this partnership now and in performance their friendship is as evident as their exceptional musicianship. Watching Gene and David together is to experience two gifted, journeyman songwriters and musicians. These seasoned performers each bring humor and many instruments to the stage, along with their great love of song and a very special joy in making music.


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