Sisters, Cathy and Sarah Lee Guthrie come from a long line of American Folk Heritage. Being the daughters of Arlo and granddaughters of Woody, music has been an undeniable force in their life. Both having longstanding careers on their own for over 20 years; Cathy has achieved critical acclaim for her works with Folk Uke and Sarah Lee has made several albums and toured extensively with her former partner.

In October 2020, Sarah Lee moved to Austin, Texas where Cathy has been living, inspiring a new collaboration. The Guthrie Girls bring together all of their influences into one sound. With their band, The Stage Door Johnnies, they are honkytonkin, twosteppin, harmony driven, rocknrollin folk music. 

Dust off yer boots and let us bring you down to Sam’s Town Point, South Austin, Texas.” ~ Guthrie Girls