Kate Wolf Music Festival '22 COVID policy

Covid Policy

The festival, through consultation with our medical team, the CDC guidelines, and local health authorities considers “Fully Vaccinated” to be defined as one of the following:

  1. Complete original two shot doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or one Johnson & Johnson dose, plus one or more booster doses.
  2. Complete original two shot doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or one Johnson & Johnson dose, with the final dose administered after January 26, 2022, but not later than June 9, 2022.

General Admission (Front Gate entry):

In order to gain entry to the festival everyone five years and older must show proof of being fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated for everyone 12 and older requires a booster shot being given no later than June 9, 2022, or the final original shot being given after January 26, 2022, but not later than June 9, 2022. For those 5-11 years old no booster is required. For people who are not fully vaccinated a negative test result from either a PCR test (within 72 hours of arrival to the festival grounds) or an Antigen rapid test (within 24 hours of arrival) that is proctored (supervised) with a digital result is required.


Should I bring a bicycle? Is the terrain practical for riding? Can I lock it up?

Bicycles are very useful, especially if you’re camping in the more distant areas. Terrain is generally flat hard packed dirt roads, but with lots of bumps and gullies. Thin tires not recommended. Most touring and mountain bikes should be fine. There is a bike rack near the security tent and food court. Bikes can also be locked along fences at the back of the main music meadow. Bikes are used and locked at your own risk.

Do food and merchandise vendors take credit cards?

Credit cards are accepted at the Beer Stand and Artist Merchandise Booth. Beyond that, it’s up to each individual vendor. There is an ATM machine on site near the Security Tent by the Food Court.

What are the rules regarding alcohol?

There are two alcohol related zones at the festival. The zone for which we have a liquor license includes the main music meadow (Red Tailed Hawk and Utahpia Stages), Food Court area, and the Alter-Abled camping/parking area. In this area, you can buy wine and beer from a vendor, but cannot take it out of this zone.

The other zone is the entire rest of the festival grounds, including campgrounds. You are permitted to bring alcohol with you from outside for consumption in this zone. You are NOT permitted to bring your own alcohol into the “liquor license zone”.

Staff will be monitoring for alcohol as you pass into and out of the zones.

When do I need to leave the festival grounds on Monday?

No later than noon on Monday.

Is the river dangerous for young children?

Any body of water is potentially dangerous for young children or anyone who does not know how to swim!

  • Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at the river.
  • There is no lifeguard.
  • Most years the river is quite calm, but there is sometimes a weak current. However, the depth changes rapidly and children need constant supervision.

Are bathing suits required at the river?

There is a “Clothing Required” area and a “Clothing Optional” area. If this matters to you, make sure to bring yourself and your kids to the correct area. (See map.)


How early will I be allowed to enter the festival grounds on Thursday morning to secure a camping spot?

Do not arrive at the entry gate before 8:00 am on Thursday! Arriving before then will cause you to be turned away by the CHP. The gate, which enters from US 101 opens to the Temporary Parking Lot (used while you deal with tickets and wristbands) at 8:00 am on Thursday.

Can I line up outside of the gate on the highway earlier than 8:00 am Thursday morning?

Police regulations do not permit lining up outside this gate prior to it’s being opened. “No Stopping Any Time” regulations are enforced north and south of the gate along US-101 for a few miles. “No U-Turns” signage is posted within close proximity of the festival as well.

Can I sleep in my car near the front gate either inside or outside the festival grounds prior to the gate opening?

No. There is NO non-staff access to the festival site prior to the gate opening up. Parking/stopping along Hwy 101 within several miles north and south of the festival entrance is not allowed.

Can I arrive at the festival at any time during the night on any night of the festival?

Outer gates close at midnight.


Will I be able to drive off of the festival grounds to shop for supplies, etc.?

There are no in and out privileges from the main campgrounds and parking lot except in emergency situations, at which time you should seek out a security staff member for assistance. Remember to pack your necessities and avail yourselves of the many food, ice and merchandise booths on the grounds so that you won’t feel the need to leave.


I bought tickets for folks arriving at a later time. Can I pick up my tickets and leave the remaining tickets at Will Call?

Yes. Will Call will accommodate you at the Box Office during Box Office hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm.

During what hours is the Box Office open for Will Call and purchasing tickets?

The Box Office is open from 8:00 am – 10 pm each day.

If I wind up with extra tickets or want to buy another person’s extra tickets, how is that done?

The festival does not accept returns nor does it give refunds. If you are in possession of extra tickets or want to purchase tickets from someone else, please visit the “Ticket Mart” area of the Kate Wolf Festival discussion group that is linked from our website. Craigslist is another format that often works well for selling tickets.

I don’t understand how many car, or RV, passes to purchase?

Car vehicle passes are good for 1-4 days. You do not need to purchase multiple passes for the same vehicle. An RV pass price is the same regardless of the amount of days you attend the festival (up to four days). Vehicle passes are not required with each individual festival ticket, though each vehicle is required to have a pass purchased for it.

I have looked carefully at all areas of this FAQ page and I still have an unanswered question. How can I make contact?

Please send an email to: ticketinfo@katewolfmusicfestival.com


I have difficulty walking due to a disability or injury. Is it practical for me to come? What accommodations are there? Do I need to show any sort of “proof” of disability?

Within the limitations of an outdoor music festival on field and meadowland, the festival provides a variety of accommodations:

  • There is an “Alter-Abled” parking/camping area near the Food Court, Medical Tent, Security Tent, ice truck and entrance to the main stage music meadow. In order to camp or park in this area you will need to show either a handicap placard or a note from a doctor.
  • This area has several handicapped equipped port-a-potties, and other areas have them as well.
  • The wheelchair accessible dirt pathways (roadways) are traversable by most wheelchairs. This roadway reaches to all stages, but the most convenient stage is the main (Red Tail Hawk) stage, about 300ft/100 paces from the food court. The other stages are a further distance of up to 900ft/300 paces away from the food court.
  • Within the audience area for the Red Tail Hawk Stage there is a seating area designated for people with mobility restrictions (limited to person in need + 1 attendant/friend).


How big are campsites? Will I have room for a tent, shade structure, chairs, etc? How much space am I allowed to save?

This is open-field camping and is first come, first served. Feel free to take the amount of space that is needed for your group; not more, not less. Where your camp ends another will begin, so please be considerate of your neighbors. Riverside and the more central area of Meadowlands campgrounds are more popular and crowded campgrounds so we again ask that folks don’t hoard space. If you need more elbowroom, it’s best to camp in the farther areas of Meadowlands (between the Oak and Willow flag areas).

How can we assure that we will be able to camp with friends/family that have different arrival times?

Upon arriving, let the Camping Crew know that you are saving space for others. (See answer above for more details on saving space.) You can leave a note on the message board by the ticket office to coordinate with the rest of your party if cell service is “spotty”.

Will I be able to park my car near or in my campsite?

This is allowed in the Alter-Abled Camp, Meadowlands Camp, and Family Camp if you are sleeping inside the vehicle – NOT in Riverside Camp.

Is water available at the campsites?

Yes. There are a minimum of 6 water tanks with faucets in the camping areas. Look for the “W” symbols on the map in the programs.

Do campsites have tables?

This is open-field camping. There will be nothing at your site that you do not bring with you.

Can I use a charcoal grill or barbecue?

No. Absolutely no open fires of any sort are allowed. The ONLY cooking flames allowed are propane stoves and ONLY if they are NOT on the ground and there is no dry grass within a 6 ft. radius around the stove.

Can I safely leave my instruments and other valuables in my campsite?

Theft has been only a very minor problem for us. However, with a fairly large number of people one can never be sure that there won’t be one “bad apple” in the crowd. Do not leave things of value in plain sight unattended. You should lock valuables in your vehicle when everyone is gone from your campsite.

I see there is a “Quiet Camp” on the map. Is it really quiet?

Quiet Camp is designed as a No Late Night Jamming or Partying Area. Quiet Camp is an area near the far end of the Meadowlands Campground approximately 2500’ from the food court and back of the main music meadow (a 10 – 15 min walk). In general, the farther away from the stages you are in Meadowlands, the quieter it will be.

The main stage (Red Tail Hawk Stage) closes down at about midnight and the smaller stages by 2:00am on Friday and Saturday night. Thursday night the RTH Stage closes down at 10:00pm and other stages at midnight. People camping in this area can notify Overnight Security if partying occurs in your immediate vicinity after the stages close down. Please speak to a staff member if any of your neighbors are unreasonably loud. Our staff are experienced in handling these sorts of situations.

What will help me deal with night noise and far distances?

  • Bring EAR PLUGS no matter where you are camping!!! People make noise!!! The wax earplugs used by swimmers work much better than the typical rubber ones.
  • Bring a wagon for hauling kids and gear from far camping sites.
  • Bring a bike! See more about bikes in General Info.

How is Family Camp different from other camping areas? Is it tent only or can I camp by my vehicle?

Family Camp is an area of Meadowlands Campground near the showers and camp store for families with children. Fences surround it but there are 2 – 3 openings for access. These openings do not have gates for closure. Most years a portion of the area is not occupied and can be used for playing games. If you have a small to medium RV it can be parked in FC. However, if no one is sleeping in your vehicle it must be moved to the nearby, designated parking lot.

What to do if someone becomes rude or offensive in the campground?

Rude and offensive behavior will not be tolerated in any area. If you witness disruptive or discourteous conduct at the festival, please report to any Security Staff right away.

When can I run the generator on my RV?

Generators can run from 10 am until dusk – roughly 8:30 pm.

Are the facilities for filling my RV water tank and/or emptying my sewage tank at the site?

None at all! Fill your water tank prior to arriving!


What is the acceptable height of chairs for the music meadow?

Low backed chairs of no more than 32 inches tall and 10 inches above the ground are allowed in the music meadow. Any chairs or materials seen as blocking a number of folks directly behind will be asked to move to the back or sides of the music meadow. In addition, no lounge chairs that extend beyond a regular chair footprint are allowed. Let’s be considerate to all.

Can I sit in an unoccupied chair?

Yes! Any chair that is not occupied is open for use by anyone until the owner arrives. If you do not want your chair used, please take it with you when you leave the seating area.

I want to sit as close to the front of the Music Bowl for the Main Stage (AKA Red Tail Hawk Stage) performances as possible. What is the system for seating?

All seating is general admission. We want to give everyone an equal opportunity to find a good spot to watch the main stage performances. In the interest of fairness and cooperation we ask everyone to adhere to the following rules:

  • Staff will be available to assist you in line. A separate waiting line will be formed at each of the two Music Bowl entrance gates each performance day.
  • Those waiting in line will be allowed into the Music Bowl when it opens at noon on Thursday, at 10:00 am on Friday, and 8:00 am on Sat & Sun mornings.
  • People can begin lining up for the Friday – Sunday performances no earlier than 5:00 am.
  • Each person will be allowed to bring in low (no more than 32inches tall and 10 inches from the back of the seat to the ground) chairs and/or a blanket to save room for no more than 4 people total. If others join you while waiting, those people must be the folks you were already saving space for. If more come to join they will have to go to the end of the line.
  • You must be personally present in line. No holding places, no cuts. Unattended chairs or blankets left in line will be removed to the Lost and Found.
  • People will be let into the Bowl a few at a time. Please walk.
  • If a blanket takes up more room than needed for four people total, crew will fold it to the appropriate size.
  • Please do not move other people’s gear. If you think someone is taking up too much space, contact security staff in the music meadow.
  • All staff, vendors and volunteers must wait in line for seating. No special privileges given to anyone wanting to sit in the audience area.
  • Take your chairs, blankets and all belongings out of the Music Bowl at the end of the show. This seating system begins anew each day. All items left behind will be taken to Lost and Found at Security Central.


Are there hot showers available?

This year, with the longtime shower house not available for use, we have made arrangements for an outside shower vendor to come in and set up right near the normal shower house structure. The hours of operation will be from 7 am to 9 pm Thursday thru Sunday of the festival weekend. Showers will be charged at $5 per for a requested average of 5 minutes (there is no timer on the water).  Complimentary Dr. Bronner’s soap will be provided.

Are there flush toilets available?

No. There are plenty of Port-a-Potties available along with separate sinks for washing hands.

Is there refrigeration available for medications, etc?

No. We suggest that you stock up on ice as needed throughout the weekend in order to keep things consistently cold during the hot daytime weather. (Ice is available for purchase.)

Is ice available for sale on site?

Yes. You can purchase ice at the festival from 8AM to 8PM Thursday through Sunday. See the program map for location.


What to pack

  • Your TICKETS
  • Tent
  • Shade canopy
  • Ground Cover
  • Mattress/sleeping pad
  • Bedding or sleeping bag and pillow
  • Headlamp
  • Camp stove
  • Camp lantern
  • Camp chairs
  • Tarp
  • Water jugs, perhaps wagon for transporting water to campsite
  • Spray bottle for hot days
  • Sunhat
  • Warm hat and clothing for cold nights
  • Glasses, Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle, mug, plate & untensils (for reuse in camp and at the Food Court
  • Rain gear (just in case)
  • Soap and towel
  • Ear plugs for sleeping and loud music – wax ones for swimmers are most effective
  • Portable FM radio (for listening to our Sunset Radio in camp – main stage performances and interviews)
  • Wagon (very handy for hauling gear around and sleeping kids back from Music Bowl.
  • Musical instruments (for jamming with friends and neighbors)
  • Specifically a ukulele for the Uke Workshop and Jam