Keeping it Green

The Kate Wolf Music Festival is committed to making as small a footprint as possible. These are some of the ways we will be good stewards of the festival site:

No one time use plastic bottles

Please bring your own refillable water bottles! We will not sell water in plastic bottles. We will provide drinking water in stations conveniently located throughout the festival site. We will sell metal water bottles and ask that you do not bring disposable plastic bottles onto the site.


The Kate Wolf Music Festival’s Repsycology Crew is dedicated to ensuring that as much of the waste stream as is possible will be recycled on site. This team will be busy throughout the event and will stay for a week afterwards to sort through all the trash, making sure that all items are properly recycled and or composted. Please help them by separating all recyclables and compostables out of your waste before depositing in our garbage cans.

Bring your own reusable dinnerware

We encourage everyone to bring your own dishware and our vendors will happily serve you on your own plate. We will also provide a space where you can wash your own plate and utensils. Our beer booth will continue to use reusable plastic cups for beer service, or you can purchase one of our commemorative cups for your own use throughout the festival.

We encourage carpooling

Please support the festival by carpooling.

Davis Pedi-CabDavis Pedicab

We are a combination of two pedicab businesses: Davis Pedicab from Davis, CA and Hub Tours from Napa, CA. Together, we are a mobile pedicab unit! We look forward to taking you and your crew to and from the camping area and the music venues! Find us at our campground next to fire camp, designated pick-up/drop-off areas, or call in for a pickup!

Pedicabs are a human powered transit option. They are operated 100% by muscle and each operator works for tips only…there is no rate. It is up to the passenger to pay what they think is fair which often ranges between $5-25. This means that each operator will make sure you have a great experience and get you there as fast as possible!

Looking For A Ride?

Need a ride to the festival or have room in your car for a buddy? Post it on our Yahoo group page. This Group is a forum for Q&A and discussions among attendees.

Join the discussion here.