The Kate Wolf Music Festival is brought to you by a small group of event producers who are dedicated to the philosophy of public assemblage as a vehicle for social transformation. With over a century of combined national and international production experience, we’re focusing our energy on creating music festivals where people can experience community while enjoying world-class performances in a rural setting.

Cloud Moss

Cloud Moss has a long history of producing concerts and events in West Sonoma County. Cloud has produced over 45 festivals including; The Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival, The Sebastopol Celtic World Music Festival, In the Spirit of Tu B'Shvat, Birthday of the Trees Jewish Music Festival, Festival for C.A.R.E., Peace & Medicine's Harvest Celebration & Dance Festival and the Jugalbandi Music & Arts in the Schools Project.

Bob Barsotti

Bob Barsotti spent 30 years working with Bill Graham Presents. He was a producer and the general manager of Winterland Arena. Bob co-created the Grateful Dead camping concerts, and produced such famous international and domestic events as the Moscow Peace March Concert, Amnesty International Concerts, the US Festival, Mountain Air, Laguna Seca Days and Laughter, Love and Music, the memorial concert for Bill Graham in Golden Gate Park. Bob is the president of the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation and assists with many benefit concerts for organizations that support the community.

Danny Scher

Danny Scher worked for Bill Graham Presents for 24 years. During his tenure, he served as a concert booker, producer, production department head, developer of amphitheatres including Shoreline Amphitheatre, and created several festivals including New Orleans by the Bay. He also worked with major US companies to use music as a means to promote their product. Currently, he produces fundraising events at Coventry Grove through his company, DanSun Productions, and does expert testimony and consulting work in the entertainment industry.