Patchy Sanders

In the Fall of 2013 Patchy Sanders, hailing from performance arts mecca Ashland, Oregon, released the final pressing of their debut album & The Wild Peach Forest, recorded at Loud Palace Studios in Weed, California, under the guidance of famed producer Sylvia Massy. Patchy’s debut record breathes with true acoustic instrumentation from the traditional banjo, guitar, and mandolin, to the more mystical instruments like harp, pedal organ, and nyckel harpa.  These instruments provide a masterful foundation to the strong lyrical and vocal essence which characterizes Patchy Sanders’ versatility. Massy sees great potential for this band, proclaiming Patchy Sanders & The Wild Peach Forest as a milestone in her luminous career (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty): “I’ve been waiting 14 years to make THIS record!

Patchy Sanders is a true family band with sisters Dani (banjo, harp) and Jacqui Aubert (vocals), their partners Ian Van Ornum (mandolin, bouzouki) and Dan Sherrill (guitar), and good friends Sara Wilbur (violin,viola), Eric Jones (upright bass), and Alex Patterson (drums).   While some find it easy to characterize their music, others hesitatingly distinguish their style as noir-grass, neo-folk, neo-Americana, or simply Alternative. With three distinct songwriters, Patchy Sanders takes the listener to a new genera with every song.  Their musical intention is to bridge the traditions of old into the current of today’s folk.

Great musicianship, harmonies, and feel. A really warm vibe that makes wherever you are standing feel like the center of a Gypsy Caravan.”
Mason Jennings, (acclaimed singer-songwriter)

Timeless. I could hear this band in the 16th, 18th, and 21st Centuries. Thanks Patchy!
Sedge Thomson, (West Coast Live, Host)


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