T Sisters

Since she began her legendary residency at Boston’s famed Club 47 and made her debut at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival, Joan Baez has been a musical force of nature whose influence is incalculable.

The T Sisters are an authentic family band based out of Oakland, California. The group’s subtle throwback aesthetic calls to mind classic trios past, from the Andrews Sisters and 1960’s girl-groups to the sirens from the Coen Brothers’ film O Brother, Where Art Thou? Anchored by diverse influences spanning folk, country, gospel, Americana and early-90’s R&B, each sister brings a unique vocal and lyrical style to a repertoire that is at once modern and timeless.

Rachel (vocals, guitar, banjo), Chloe (vocals, percussion) and Erika Tietjen (vocals, guitar) are all songwriters in their own right and switch off on lead vocals. While their voices blend seamlessly, each has a distinct singing and writing style. Erika, the eldest sister, weaves a story with attitude and will belt it out with the confidence and style of a jazz diva. Rachel’s soulful and raw style is highlighted in her vintage blues-inspired tunes. Chloe sings her heartfelt and often poetic lyrics in a subtle country vibrato. The combination results in a very eclectic repertoire unified by a landscape of close harmonies.

Following up their 2011 EP, Bring Us Back, produced by Mike Marshall, the T Sisters will be releasing their first full-length album under the production of Laurie Lewis in the spring of 2014.


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