The Jones Gang (formerly Houston Jones) is like a VW van with 310,000 miles rolling out of the shop, here we are, still trucking, with some new artist surprises and groove. A collection of misfits and malcontents who, like a hippy transformer, assemble into something much greater than the sum of its parts. An insane collection of rock, funk (Motown and Louisiana), gospel, blues, folk and country. Experience that spans from the Beau Brummels to Oral Roberts, with detours into Johnny Adams and Peter Rowan, the band covers a musical history the size of the USA, all this and more in a tight and soulful style. The gang can move seamlessly from a murder ballad to a New Orleans rumba, first breaking your heart and then making you glad you’re alive.

Travis Jones, the soul mountain, is the lead singer with a voice for the ages. Henry Salvia, the motor city misfit, plays more notes than exist on the piano. Josh Zucker is the strong and solid base and bass of the band, and Peter Tucker, is of course the best peter-tucker-style drummer in the world, and the only drummer officially approved by the northern California bluegrass society.

Our guest lead guitarists include: Sean Allen, master of the telecaster, from Napa. This guy is amazing and will entertain you every performance. David Philips will dazzle you with his pedal steel guitar skills & sound. Mark Karan, a well-known rock star and awesome guitarist. We just love it when this guy is available to join us.


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