Jeremy D’Antonio is a musician who traces his creative roots to the holiest faith: the city known as Santa Fe. With the lush cultural history of the Creative City (a UNESCO designation) swirling around him, D’Antonio’s imaginative sensibilities pushed him to look back to move forward. Immersing himself in the rich tradition of Americana music, D’Antonio burst forward in creating a unique voice that is at once steeped in this land’s dynamic history and captures its ever-changing present. In his music, the future is a wide-open as the long stretch of highway between Santa Fe and Denver, Colorado, the city where D’Antonio refined his musicianship setting himself apart as a songwriter and guitarist in a scene that was exploding with new music. The Denver Daily News underscored this when they wrote: “Similar to Ryan Adams and Jay Farrar of Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt, Jeremy D’Antonio captures the mood of the country’s wide-open road and the possibilities and loneliness it can bring.”

D’Antonio’s band Tiny Television stood in the middle of the new music movement but also remained resolute to never relent. Always striving to grow and change, D’Antonio landed in San Francisco, refashioning Tiny Television into a community of musicians coming together to tell real stories. D’Antonio’s underlying belief in the power of music as soaring above life, chronicling everything unfolding below took on a new shape and meaning in his new city. And San Francisco took notice, particularly the venerable San Francisco indie-music festival Noise Pop, deeming D’Antonio’s work with Tiny Television as “Poppy like Spoon. Twangy like Ryan Adams. Gritty like the Mission. Moody enough to earn the ‘indie’ label, but simple enough to pull you into their world like it’s your own.”

Tiny Television is a group of great musicians who help deliver “the talent and emotion” of D’Antonio’s songwriting and his “powerful voice” as The Denver Post describes, to an America hungry for something that connects not separates us. D’Antonio and Tiny Television’s newest work, Mission Statement, displays what lies at the heart of all the music: sincerity and authenticity. “Jeremy D’Antonio and his band members deliver a solid honest to goodness album which simply put is a great collection of songs,” The American UK writes. “We are immediately in Americana country, not a place, more a state of mind, hard to describe but easily recognized.” It’s here where we see D’Antonio break away from the pack as the thoughtful troubadour and swaggering balladeer who understands that music can serve in the pursuit of the most important thing it can achieve: telling the truth. “His words are not obtuse, but rather, clear and economical,” the Denver Syntax writes. “His images are grounding, humble and listening to his work I picture D’Antonio in all the living rooms he has inhabited, with shades drawn, trying to get the feeling back into his fingers. If you are looking for an honest interaction, or for a picture of a broken-down but resurfacing man – stop and interact here.”


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