Welcome to the 25th annual Kate Wolf Music Festival celebration, June 23-26, 2022 at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville; 5 miles north of Laytonville, right off of Hwy.101, on the west side of the road. Some things to keep in mind for attending the festival are:

1) Outer gate, box office and onsite parking areas will open at 8:00 a.m. Thursday, June 23rd. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings the outer gates will open at 7:30 am and the box office will open at 8:30 a.m. Absolutely, no early arrivals on Thurs. or before. No early lining-up as we are adjacent to the Hwy. Early arrivers run the risk of the unwelcome possibility of someone getting hurt by passing traffic, and will not be allowed to stay. Please respect the reality of the location and arrive at the posted times.

2) Camping sites are chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are a few designated areas, such as “family” camp, “quiet” camp, etc. The “Riverside” camping area, overlooking the creek, is designated a “no-vehicle” camping area. Folks will be allowed to off load their vehicles there, but then will be required to park the vehicles in an adjacent parking lot area. This provides more area for everyone to camp there and a more enjoyable ambiance. Early arriving campers will not be allowed to hold places for other late-arriving campers with vehicles. Up to 2 camping spaces may be reserved for late arriving friends with some of your own camping gear. The preferred method is to bring everyone’s tent that is in your party. You may set all tents up for late arrivals. Please respect and work with the staff that is trying to help the situation for the good of all.

3) Front box office will remain open until 10:00 pm, and the outer gates will remain open until midnight, each night. Anyone arriving past midnight will need to camp in the day lot. If you have tickets you will receive a band from security to move around the grounds, but camping set-up closes at midnight. The following a.m. you may set up camp.

4) No individual fires of any kind. Individual gas or propane gas stoves are acceptable; bbq’s are not. A nightly campfire by the creek will take place with music & storytelling being a major focal point until approx. 2 a.m. (sometimes much later).

5) We respectfully request you refrain from bringing in alcohol from offsite. Beer on tap and fine wines will be available for purchase on site; along with a variety of foods, coffees, desserts, and bags of ice.

6) A walkman or small radio for keeping tuned to the festivities in your camp or on a stroll can be a good idea.

7) Fresh potable water is available from various water tanks on the grounds. There is a beautifully built bathhouse with available showers. There is a men’s and women’s side and some sinks and mirrors. There is one “private” shower stall per side.

8) Low backed chairs are the accepted rule; any chairs or materials seen as blocking a substantial number of folks directly behind will be asked to move to the back or sides of the music meadow.

9) All belongings must be removed from the Music Meadow each night when it closes down. The music meadow will be re-opened at 8:00 a.m. the following morning for folks to re-set their chairs. Plastic tarps are not allowed in the Music Meadow (this kills the grass). Blankets are okay. Each person is allowed to bring in up to 4 chairs to reserve; no more. It is not permissible to hold a place in line for others in your party to join later and also bring multiple chairs each. This is unfair to those waiting in line behind. Chairs left in line unattended (other than for a bathroom break or quick visit elsewhere in line) will lose their place in the line. In keeping with “festival etiquette”, it will be understood that empty chairs, in any location, may be occupied by any person at any time, until the owner of the chair returns to re-claim it. Lost & Found items will be placed at the main security tent. The Music Meadow will not be open on Thursday, but will open for the first time at it’s usual time of Friday at noon.

10) Saving seats, or patches of ground, with blankets or other material, at any of the other stages (Arlo, Revival, or Utahpia) will no longer be permitted. Any items used to do so will be gathered by stage crews and placed to the side of the stage to be re-claimed.

11) No pets; except for assistance animals will be permitted. Owner may be asked for physician’s verification of assistance need & must have animal properly restrained. Ticket holders that arrive with their pets will not be allowed to keep their animals in or near their vehicles (leashed), as it is not healthy for the animal in the heat.

12) Please respect the property and any posted signs. Please do not hike in any areas designated off limits. We are on someone’s home property.

13) There are no electrical hook-ups. Please remember to bring flashlights, batteries, sunscreen, etc.

14) Any issues regarding loud noises (especially at late hours), camping situations, or unruly behavior should be brought to the Security Central booth’s attention. We do not tolerate theft or any actions deemed detrimental to the well being of the community gathered as a whole. Anyone caught selling Alcohol or Drugs will be ejected and may be subject to arrest. No Vending anywhere on site except for pre-approved vendors with proper licensing.

15) Have a great time & spread the joy! We’re all here together; mutual co-operation furthers the gathering’s future.

We’re looking forward to seeing u there, thanks for joining us!